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All of my blessings come from the Lord.  I am not capable of anything, all glory goes to God.

You mean…Churches manipulate other people?

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Emotional manipulation by churches will result in spiritual suicide for those involved, the Scriptures are, and always will be, enough for the entirety of humanity.



DISCLAIMER:  I’m not saying all of these are 100% poor or that they cannot assist in salvation, but I am stating that there are a multitude of churches and people who abuse spiritually infant Christians. 



Those are very demanding and harsh words, but because I wholly love Jesus with all of my being, I have gotten to the point where I am sick and tired of manipulation within the churches of modern day.


So let me delve a little deeper:


In the church world today, we are filled with mega-churches, fundamental small churches, decent size gatherings, and a very diverse Christian body. But there’s one thing that I find inexplicably disastrous to the betterment of our youth in Christ.  It has ZERO to do with church size, music production, or the pastor of the Church.  But it has everything to do with the core of what the church they are attending stands for.  



There are some churches today who will manipulate the souls of those who attend them in order to create a ‘false’ spiritual buzz.  This buzz is a mere hallucination of who Jesus is and who the Spirit is.  Let me please, and hold your angry thoughts to the end after I have explained myself, explain to you what i mean by manipulation spiritually.



Let’s keep this simple and break it down to points:


1)  Salvation –  There are a lot of churches that make salvation about the person who is receiving salvation, rather than the one who created salvation and distributes it.  This is a huge no-no, salvation is about JESUS, not you.  Psalms 3:8 verbatim. 

2) Manipulation of Salvation – There are several churches who will get ‘commitments, rededication’s, and salvation experiences’ over and over and over and over again, being the same people.  This is not the ways of which Jesus has set us forth.  Churches are to assist in leading people to Christ and then not stopping there, but actually leading them in their walk with God to better themselves and assist them in reaching others.  

3)  Discipleship –  Discipleship in most churches is non-existent, which is an utter shame to the name of Jesus.  As Jesus called us, specifically, to go and make disciples of all nations.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the Congo to reach people, but you have to make disciples of your own nation and area as well.  The more people equipped with the Scriptures, the more people we reach, which means the more Jesus is glorified.  Discipleship is massive and churches today do not take it seriously and this is why a lot of churches are dying out with age, because the missions of the church was never to reach others, but only equip the ones within their physical body.  Those people were exclusive, rather than including anyone, in hopes to reach all peoples.  

4) Spiritual Hallucination –  This one is HUGE and a misconception that literally drives me to no end, as I’m sure it drives Jesus to no end.  There are churches that create an experience and whether it’s with a bunch of high volume arts or with fog machines, claim that this experience is how you obtain salvation and that this is the only place that Jesus can reach you.  This, my friends, is not the Holy Spirit.  God doesn’t ordain man to be able to summon the Holy Spirit like a genie in a bottle and fulfill the magical wishes of Disney, but rather the Holy Spirit will get to know you in its own time and doesn’t need the assistance of man to do so.  Sure, maybe sometimes the Holy Spirit will speak to you and move within the chords of music or with the preaching of itself through a Pastor, but man doesn’t control the Spirit.  




So now that some of these things have been broken down as issues in the church, which you may or may not have seen before, issues that are not backed by scriptures but by man’s justification; let me explain how we fix these problems and ultimately glorify Jesus.  Our main goal, to reach others and get as many names in the Lamb’s book of life as possible.



1) We lead people to an authentic salvation experience and coach them far down the road.  We do not dictate when they accept God’s call into their heart, but let it be anytime (whether it’s Sunday morning service or Friday at midnight).  Let God do this, and them consulting with God, not our views and opinions forced on them.

2) Let’s lead them on a path that will solely glorify Jesus and coach them to living better, giving them serving opportunities, and creating an atmosphere where they can worship Jesus wholly with all of their being.

3) Train leaders in your churches, show them what it takes to be a leader filled with Jesus in every aspect of their lives.  Do not stop when they get saved, but continue the works and teach them how to minister to others.  WIthout discipleship, none of us would have ever been reached by someone else.  Christianity will die, if we neglect discipleship and neglect raising up leaders for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4) Follow the Scriptures and let the Scriptures be enough.  That’s all that needs to be said.



God bless you all! Love you all!  

Nightly thought: A discourse on the word ‘worth’

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Have you ever thought about the word ‘worth’?  


Typically when we think about the ‘worth’ of something, we interchangeably substitute the word with ‘value’.   The TV show Pawn Stars is a huge hit, or at least in the states, and often times the customer will say, ‘I wonder what this item is worth, so I’ll take it in to get appraised’.  The employee of the store will often state the value is (x), based on appearance, condition, age, etc.  So there it is used interchangeably.  


But I want to give you a specific reason of why the word ‘worth’ is of such importance:  Worth can be defined as the equivalent in value to the sum of, or the value of a specified item.  


For the sake of the illustration, we’re going to focus on part A of the definition.  


So you asked yourself, what am I worth as a Christian?


Well, it’s quite apparent that you are worth equivalent in value to the sum of Jesus’ death.  You are worth Christ dying for you, your worth is infinite.  it is unearned, it is given from birth.  


Your worth to Christ cannot be bought, earned, or bartered for it is literally of infinite value, as Christ has made the ultimate investment in you by dying for your sins.  


Dare I proclaim that none of you should ever use the phrase, “I feel worthless”.  Christ died so that you could be filled with worth, so much worth that it would be eternally lasting, glistening and reflecting the almighty radiance of Jesus!